big, loud, dangerous, smoking, absurdly time-consuming and seemingly pointless.



Worship our god, for he is a delicious god!

Those eyes are edible, by the way: made of malted-milk balls, gelatin capsules and cake decorations. Find the how-tos here.

From today's New York Times article about mad-scientist cooking รข?? not to be confused with molecular gastronomy, as practiced by the likes of Ferran Adria and Grant Achatz. This is more about sticking a fork into a hot dog and cooking it by electrocution than creating a dish like Achatz's famous "bean, many garnishes, pillow of nutmeg air."

More sites to egg you on:

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (creators of the edible eyes and the rad flying spaghetti monster pictured above); Hungry Scientist (they have a book out too, if you don't want to get cake batter on your laptop).