Joaquin Phoenix just wants to make music, man



Not content to emerge from his tragic brother's long shadow and child-actordom and establish an esteemed reputation as an activist and accomplished actor (twice nominated for an Academy Award, besting his brother's one nod), Joaquin Phoenix told societal excrement "Extra" that he's quitting acting to concentrate on his music.

What music, you ask? Well, Phoenix did win a Grammy for his work on the Walk the Line soundtrack, and the People says he's been recording an album with the Charlatans.

Ugh. Dude, you're 34. You really wanna join the ranks of sad, stunted man-children of Hollywood fiddling with amps? The musicians' basement, with Russell Crowe and Keanu and Bruce Willis? Hell, even they aren't claiming to "quit" a fucking thing.

Joaquin has recently directed music vids for Silversun Pickups and People in Planes.

At least he doesn't have to do much to outgun his bro on this one: River formed the Gainesville band Aleka's Attic in the late '80s and nobody gave a shit about that either. In fact, let's remember them now: