Nude Nite â??09: Two sets of big ones


â??This weekâ??s theme is simply â??crap I saw last weekendâ?? â?? and the crap in particular that I want to fling at you is Nude Nite.â?�

Thatâ??s how our arts writer Seth Kubersky called it in his Live Active Cultures column, after attending the 2008 valentine event.

Even now, at the end of the year, the bitch talk about last Februaryâ??s NN has barely died down. â??All about the $,â?� was a big complaint, as was â??boring.â?�

But a determined Kelly Stevens recalls the spirit of the unsinkable Molly Brown. We got an e-mail today from the dogged organizer about the Jan. 15 deadline for 2009 submissions. There are two shows â?? Feb. 12-14 in Orlando (location TBA), and Feb. 26-28 in Tampa.

How to submit a hotsy-totsy vision? The NN website has all the rules, but hereâ??s a sticking point for admission:

â??NN enthusiastically welcomes all sexy, edgy and provocative work. Artistic presentations are preferred over vulgar and pornographic.â?�

Weâ??ve heard no rumors about Larry Flynt serving on the screening committee (that would be not-boring), but then again maybe Stevens is taking a lesson in covering-up from the also unsinkable Flynt, whose clothing empire is picking him up after the porn crash, as reported in today's Los Angeles Business Journal.