if you're baking this weekend...


... you don't need any suggestions from me (there's this thing called the internecks, which is chock-full of recipes and pictures of cats?), but.

I ran across this blog, Apple Pie, Patis, & Pâté, earlier this week, and more specifically, a recipe for "chocolate brownie cookies."

Now, this name does not come near to conveying the niftiness of these sugar morsels. A cross between cookies, brownies, and macarons, they should be called "swanky French luxury chews" or "Santa, I've been gooood" or something like that.

Click through for the actual recipe â?? I'm no content thief â?? but I'll let you in on the trick that makes them so good: The batter is mixed like regular brownie batter, but after dropping the cookies into rounds, you let them sit for half an hour so they develop "a thin eggshell crust." Try it and let me know what you think.