Biteboy finally shat on by someone other than us


Damn, for a while there it seemed like we had to do all the work!

Even though we've just vowed in today's "Cheap Shots" story never to mention local gurgling pool of awful Biteboyâ?¢ ever again, it must be said that it seems the national media is going to start picking up where we left off. Finally!

The fame-whoring Orlando band embarrassed themselves by giving baffling quotes to the New York Daily News in today's feature, "Band seeks its 15 minutes of infamy."

I know, I know: Biteboy? Embarrassing? Nahhh.

Among the highlights:

"Poppa Namey, the band's manager and a â??palâ?� of Pearlmanâ??s, sees nothing wrong with abhorrently exploiting the slaying of the tot, because he thinks Biteboy is essentially a newspaper. Um, what? â??[Caylee and Casey Anthony are] the biggest news story in the world, and Biteboy writes news. Weâ??re media,â?� Namey said. Asked how a band could be considered a media organization, Namey responded, "Bob Dylan won the Pulitzer Prize."

"When you put out a record, it's called a pressing. So we're press. Biteboy is the same as a newspaper."

Wait ... we're a newspaper, too! Orlando Weekly and Biteboy. The same ... oh my god ... that's what we've been doing at nights when we black out then wake up with that feeling of shame and itchiness! We're Biteboy!