Want to hop aboard the Streetcar?


One of the saddest casualties of the recent cancelation of Plaza Theatreâ??s theatrical season was Gramercyâ??s scheduled production of Driving Miss Daisy. Iâ??ve given less-than-glowing reviews to some of Gramercyâ??s earlier outings, but I was looking forward to Daisy because it planned to pair Michael â??Mamma Waltonâ?� Learned as Daisy Wortham with Russ Blackwell as her son Boolie. Blackwell, last seen here in Playfestâ??s Missing Celia Rose¸ was a staple of Orlandoâ??s top stages for many years, and one of my favorite actor/directors to work with.

Gramercyâ??s season is now gone, but I got good news from Whitney Goin of the Vine Theater. The newly-revived company, whose last production was 2008â??s Steel Magnolias, is bringing Blackwell back to town to direct A Streetcar Named Desire this June at Winter Gardenâ??s Garden Theatre. Normally Iâ??d cry for a moratorium on Streetcar (GOAT presented it mere months ago), but this version will star former Orlando actress and current Mississippi University for Women professor and Tennessee Williams scholar Brook Hanemann.

With two of my favorite folks on board, I almost wish I could be in the cast (Iâ??d make a decent Stella if I shaved). If you feel the same, or are just on the hunt for a paid acting gig, get in touch with Whitney at kwgoin@aol.com and make an appointment for an audition. Theyâ??ll be held next Wednesday (Feb 18th) at the Co-Vantage building downtown (111 West Jefferson St. Orlando, 32804).