Weekend Ahead Feb. 27-March 1



This has got to stop. No more sitting around, letting your weekend disappear into a foggy, unexamined, vaguely erotic fever dream, pretending the world will get better around you. You have to make a difference, starting with yourself. You have to become â?¦ the Nu Uâ?¢.

Orlando Green Festival

Nu U (NU) is all about being green. So committed is NU to this hue that s/he does a shot of Ipecac every morning to maintain an environmentally conscious chartreuse skin tone. Thus, NU buys every gadget, attends every lecture, eats ever-rawer vegetables until s/he is both hip and compostable. Go get NU a high-speed blender or set of waterless stainless steel cookware and watch him/her get all sustainable up in this bitch! (10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday at Loch Haven Park; free; 407-260-0003; www.greenveggiefest.com)

Rally for Education

NU works smarter, not harder. In fact, NU might not have a job, but thatâ??s not the issue. The point is NU knows education leads to way better stuff to talk about at cocktail parties, and NU wants to make sure our kids get to attend those parties and have something interesting to say. S/he will join her/his voice with thousands of others to let state politicians know s/he is bitter about the boring college students s/he met recently at Tabu. NU will not rest until public schools start churning out graduates worth bedding. (11 a.m. Saturday at UCF Arena; free; 850-201-2800; makeourschoolsapriority.org)

Confessions of a Critic

Screw it. NU is tired of building things up. NU wants to spend some time tearing down the hard work and artistic endeavors of other. Who better to convey this lesson than Wall Street Journal theater critic Terry Teachout? Surely a man who spends his life complaining that some writerâ??s vision doesnâ??t meet his standards must have some nuggets of wisdom to spare. But NU is also a student of irony. So NU has to go and then write a scathing blog about how inadequate a speaker Mr. Teachout is. (6 p.m. Sunday at Annie Russell Theater, Rollins College; free; 407-646-2000)