Can you save Nickelback?


As the first round of voting in the Great North American Douche-Rock Tournament comes to a close, we thought we'd bring you an update... From Justin's Beatdown post yesterday:

Here's a little update and it's a juicy one: Metro Station is the Siena to Nickelback's Louisville! Let's see if they can do what Siena couldn't and win.

The highest vote-getter overall is Kid Rock with Limp Bizkit trailing close behind. Not surprising, since those are two of the all-time douches. But keep an eye on Metro Station's 4-point difference in their battle with Nickelback!

Here are the leaders thus far:

In the West, we have Nickelback, Axl Rose (creaming Hoobastank!), Panic! at the Disco, Metallica (another close match against The Game), Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Katy Perry (not "Kate", IT guy) and 30 Seconds to Mars.

In the Midwest competition, the leaders are Fall Out Boy (running away with it), 3 Doors Down, Kanye West, Kid Rock, Billy Corgan, Plain White T's, Jamie Foxx and Atmosphere.

In the East, it's My Chemical Romance, Staind, Daughtry (or whatever), Lenny Kravitz, 3 Days Grace, P. Diddy, Santigold and MF Doom.

Closer to home in the South, top vote-getters include Limp Bizkit, Lil' Jon, Shinedown, Miley Cyrus, Saliva, Akon, Lil' Wayne and Hinder.

Good shit, everyone, and thank you for the hundreds of votes! Remember, first-round polls close on Friday.

As of this writing, Nickelback is holding a bare 8-vote lead over Metro Station. A MS victory here would surely be the upset of the decade century forever. Want to save Nickelback's douchey hide? Last chance!