Steve Hogan: Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Poor Steve Hogan of the poor, poor Florida Citrus Sports people would like you to know that because we haven't spent $175 million on that POS stadum in the ghetto, their big football game may have to move from its Jan. 1 date, and that would be a tragedy. Truly, a tragedy.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a tragedy like, say, education budgets getting slashed. It's a real tragedy that needs immediate attention, or something.

Florida Citrus Sports chief executive officer Steve Hogan is pulling the fire alarm.

He says the city's Capital One Bowl is in danger of losing its position as the best bowl game outside college football's Bowl Championship Series.


Hogan said FCS is in danger of losing the right to pick the best available teams from the SEC and Big Ten for the Capital One Bowl, which usually pits the second-place teams from each conference. The game has a marquee Jan. 1 date, a strong television slot and the highest payout ($4.25 million per team last season) among bowls not part of the BCS lineup.

The Cap One Bowl likely would be unable to maintain that status â?? or be able to target teams with the largest traveling fan bases â?? if it is dropped in the pecking order for SEC and/or Big Ten teams.