Cattle Call: Be funny now



Despite what you may think, improv troupes are not all comprised of witty, geeky friends with a natural rapport. They are instead showcases of talent culled from the prepared-comedy herd. If you think you're ready to be culled, here's your chance:

Current Live Improv Comedy troupe which performs 3 nights a week has an opening for a unique and inspiring individual.


Have strong improv background.

Working knowledge of improv games and setups

this is not an acting or stand up gig; to get this job you MUST have Improv knowledge experience.

Be group oriented and drive to help meet group and individual goals.

Ability and comfortable performing live in front of any size group

The troupe Performs in 13 shows a month and is associated with festivals around the central Florida area. At this time this is a non- paying gig.

If you love Improv and enjoying performing with a group this is your chance to become a part of something great with a very bright future and plenty of room for growth.

The Audition will be held on saturday June 13 at 6pm There are limited spaces for this audition.

Please send me your background in improv and your headshot.

To get more information and an invitation for a audition please email