Ends: Hey, buddy, I asked for a beer, not a song


Over at the Eden Bar at the Enzian, they're starting a new music night: Sessions. It's a name that calls to mind those intimate little specials featuring stripped-down legends. One pictures a tiny stage and a single spot, or maybe an old Texas recording studio with a haggard looking B.B. King or Keith Richards or C.C. DeVille, mumbling Tom Waits-style stories before strumming out a cover of Blind Willie Johnson's "Motherless Children."

Not really a fair image to put in your head for the inaugural night, which features Ben Wright (Enzian server), Mike Foreman (Enzian chef), Sam Lafferty (Eden Bar bartender) and Harold Brown (Enzian groundskeeper). Not quite as glamorous but I'm sure no less talented.

One should be more impressed that the Enzian has apparently convinced a plethora of local musicians to do their menial tasks eight hours a day.

Sessions will be on alternate Wednesdays, starting this coming week, June 24. at 7:30 p.m. There's drink specials and such. Call 407-629-1088 or visit www.enzian.org for more info.