I'm actually interrupting my vacation to pass this along. It's that weird.

Stedman Graham, the motivational speaker and "spiritual partner" of Oprah - please don't say the motherfuckin' hubby - is joining the staff of Full Sail U as Adjunct Professor in their "Behavioral Science" program, a major I've never been able to figure out but I reckon it has to do with teaching people how to be motivational speakers.

Stedman's last bit of news came about when he allegedly came up with the idea for KFC's Oprah giveaway, a nice plan that ended in chaos and riots. Well done, sir!

What will his job entail? According to Full Sail's press release, it'll be all about MOTIVATION! From the release:

"Students will be taught Grahamâ??s acclaimed program, â??You Can Make it Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success.â?�

In this nine-step program, Grahamâ??s message focuses on self-awareness and personal performance as the best way to achieve optimal results. The process is a systematic approach to organizing and advancing life goals and ambitions, while helping individuals to clearly understand who they are, and on the basis of this understanding, to help them become equipped to create a vision for their lives that encompasses their passions and strengths. The process then guides them, step-by-step, in creating a plan for how to go about achieving their lifeâ??s vision."