Breaking: Biteboy to save fountain!



This just in from hot shoe reporter Billy Manes, who is down in the halls of city council sniffing out details and dispatched this dispatch via his Bloggytown celluphonic news transfer device:

Biteboy, Orlando's favorite "gurgling pool of awful," is going to help save the Lake Eola fountain! What, you don't remember Biteboy? Neither does anyone with any musical taste. But you may recall that, besides a complete lack of talent, they have a penchant for inserting themselves into public situations in the fervent, and likely futile, hope that one day they'll get their 15 minutes. They made asses of themselves on a rented trailer in front of Casey Anthony's home, they hung out with Lou "Jabba" Pearlman, and now they're going to fix your fountain. And all they ask in return is that you buy a CD, which is really too much to ask.

Details to follow.