Former Holidaysburg frontman on Oprah tomorrow


Frankly, I had no idea that the Oprah Karaoke Challenge even existed (mainly because I don't watch that kind of shit), much less that Orlando boy and former Holidaysburg frontman Rob Weddle is a fucking finalist in it. Well, he is!

Instead of busting on him too much for being a part of the soul-rotting ridiculousness of the Oprah phenomenon, I will note that the guy is a powerhouse vocalist. I've often said that the histrionic acrobatics of his voice were always a bit at odds with his country-rock tendencies. But a Journey song? NOW we're talkin'. Just check out this little performance, where he totally owns "Separate Ways." (The entire staff over at The Matador is probably rocking out at the mere mention of the song.)

Now that his nut-shriveling operatic ability has got you sold, tune in to the Oprah show (if you can stand whatever emetic content that precedes the performance) tomorrow (Nov. 12) to root the hometown boy on. Turn that mother out, Rob.