go pho yourself.


See, if you spoke Vietnamese, you'd know that I just said something rude. (Of course, many of you assume that I'm being rude no matter what I say, which, OK, fair enough.) But see, phở is pronounced "fuh," not "foe," so ... yeah, you get it.

Since Orlando is so rich in Vietnamese restaurants, it can't hurt to know not just the difference between your bò lúc lắc ("shaking beef"), your bò kho (beef stew) and your bún bò Huế (spicy beef noodle soup), but also how to order them without making a horrible inadvertent linguistic faux pas.

As the second installment of their series "Don't Be a Tool" (ah, service journalism, eh?) San Francisco Weekly offers a Vietnamese restaurant ordering pronunciation guide, with "English" pronunciation and Vietnamese tonal pronunciation (pro level; step with care, killer).