Sean Moore Says Yea


So Mad Decent is holding a remix contest for Yeasayer's primetime cut "O.N.E." And local music whiz Sean Moore (of solo and Viernes fame) has already cooked up a really tight zero-gravity mix of it (download here).

To his credit, the poor guy did his best to work with the original tracks. But, not feeling they were enough, ended up adding some of his own background vocals and string parts because, well, he can. And because apparently getting set for a hot-shit, high-profile NATIONAL RELEASE for Viernes' debut album on Jun. 8 just isn't enough to keep an overachiever occupied.

Local DJs, get on this remix now. All others, if you dig this, then reward Moore's hard work by voting for his entry here.

And then make your own!

And then send it to us!!