Vote! Vote! Vote!



IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!! Except not really. Today is primary election day, and if our downtown experience this morning is anything to go by -- the relative incompetence of unpaid workers ping-ponging you back and forth from outdated computer to outdated computer before finally allowing for the fact that you are indeed a human being -- the turnout is LOW. There are a couple of important nonpartisan positions up for grabs, most notably the Orange County mayoral post (a bizarre four-way we wrote in excess about here). We also tossed some endorsement salad last week here. Whatever your party, whatever your inclination, whatever your tax bracket or hair color, please take five minutes today to embrace what's left of our fragile democracy. If you need help finding exactly where to vote, you can head over here and plug in your address (don't forget to leave off the "street" or "drive" or "cul de sac" part of your address, or you'll find out that you, too, do not exist). Anyway, not afraid to be servicey here at the OW. Go do your part.