Happy hookahs




Medical alerts about how bad tobacco is for your lungs haven't slowed the pleasure of sucking down smoke from hookahs – a time-honored waterpipe that dates back a thousand years to India. It's getting competitive in Orlando, with more lounges opening that are devoted to playtime with the device and what can legally be smoked inside of it.

The owners of Deko Bar & Hookah Lounge and Scoop Bar & Grill and LIT Smoke Lounge expand their UCF-area enterprises tomorrow with the addition of a hookah lounge at LIT (12225 University Blvd.)

Also new is the House of Hookah (1781 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park).

Other popular spots include the ones listed below, but if there are other worthy hookah houses, feel free to share with us.

--Kush Ultralounge and Hookah Bar

--Meridian Hookah Lounge

--King Tut's Lounge


--Natura Coffee and Tea

--Cleopatra Hookah Lounge

--Shiraz Grill & Hookah Lounge