In seasonally-appropriate restaurant name news...




Have you ever been munching on some delicious flatbreads and dips at The Social Chameleon and thought “Man, I wish this place was bigger and located closer to the Executive Airport”? Poof! Wish granted! Taking up residence at the old Sandwich King location on Primrose Drive, the Chameleon’s Bret Ashman is opening a sister restaurant, the admittedly wordy Spooky’s Black Cat Café and Milk District Market Place.

There was a limited preview of Spooky’s this last weekend, giving patrons a quick peek at the décor and layout. Though it lacks the idiosyncratic outdoor patio, Spooky’s pretty much mimics the Chameleon – just with a bit more elbow room. There’s already art bedecking the walls, and Ashman suggested that Spooky’s could become more lounge than restaurant, depending on how the cards play out.

Official opening date for Spooky’s is (like just about every other new place in this town) undetermined (or “soon” if you’re an optimist), but it promises to be another favored spot (alongside Ashman's popular Milk Bar) to the growing Milk District once the tapas and cheap beer start flowing.