Stardust's kick in the bratwurst




Never heard of Dustoberfest before?

Break down the words to break the code. “Dust” comes from “Stardust” – as in Stardust Coffee & Video. And “oberfest” comes from the archaic Saxon term for “drink beer and eat sausage till you die.”

That should tell you what’ll be going on Sunday, Oct. 9, at Stardust, from 2 p.m. till dark.

The party is a bit late-breaking on the fall schedule, and Stardust regular and member of the creative brain trust Doug Rhodehamel, who says he’s to blame for the idea, hopes he won’t be the only one sitting under the tent stuffing brats and slugging ale till he explodes.

If he is, then consider Dustoberfest a free performance art spectacle.