Listen: Dwight Howard sings Michael Jackson for the Kidz





Just got my spankin'-new copy of newly baptized (by a homophobic church, no less) Dwight Howard's CD, to be released tomorrow, titled Shoot For the Stars. It's a for-charity venture with the Kidz Bop label and it's all for a decent cause – Orlando-based sex-negative crisis center BetaCenter – and it features a playfully tone-deaf Howard yucking it up musically with the Bop's cheeriest children.

OK, yes, it's a bit hard to listen to. Howard's lite-FM choice of anthems (Black Eyed Peas, Smash Mouth) is obvious but fun, though his lyric-altered, self-promoting takes on "U Can't Touch This (Howard Time)" and "Whoomp (Hoop) There It Is" are more sinister. But hey, it's for the kids, right? (And the unborn fetuses, apparently.)

Have a listen to this weirdly sincere take on Michael Jackson's weirdly pious "Will You Be There":