simplifried is on your side




If your New Year's goals include cooking more often but you have kitchenphobia, this new site could help: Simplifried, launched by the life-hacking folks at Unclutterer, promises to "end mealtime stress." Posts so far include "How To Avoid a Mountain of Dishes" and a recipe for baking, not boiling, rice (a basic that can challenge a true beginner). Baby steps, right?

If you're a little farther along in kitchen skills but too often succumb to the after-work zombie shuffle, it's a good time to reacquaint yourself with No Takeout. This site has been around for a couple of years but the principle is still sound: Every day they post a menu complete with shopping list and timed game plan, from door to table. If you don't want the inbox clutter, follow them on Twitter for a daily link. (The inevitable iPhone app hasn't surfaced yet, but the site promises it's coming soon.)