Calling all nudists (and artists)


Remember last year when we got all hot-and-bothered about a “totem of horror” that took center stage at Nude Nite? In case you don't, here's a reminder:


Well, it’s that time of year again. The artist submission deadline for Orlando's Nude Nite 2011 is this Thursday. Artists interested in participating can download a submission form here. Artworks should celebrate the nude body, and there's a $40 application fee to submit a piece for the show. According to the submission form, if your work isn't accepted, you haven't just flushed your money down the drain – the organizers will grant you one complimentary entry to the event on the night of your choosing (value: $20). If you don’t have a clue as to what Nude Nite even is, think Cirque Du Soleil (naked, of course) but lose the sophistication and throw in some burlesque dancers, some wine and hundreds of paintings and art installations that interpret the human body in every way imaginable. This fleshy three-night event turns 13 this February.