Check out "Drakkar Noir," a new track from Potsie




We've told you about Potsie, right? The new band with Steve Garron (Precious), Erin Nolan (Little Debbies), and Dana Fasano (Cotton Candy Cookies & Cream)? Yes, we have. And even if we hadn't, they're playing a shit-ton of gigs around town, so you've got little excuse to have missed them.

Anyway, they are a rock 'n' roll band, but they're also a pretty odd rock 'n' roll band. Imagine your favorite power trio took the wrong medication and got all twitchy and angular and explosive and psychedelic, all at the same time. Yeah, that kind of odd. Don't believe me? Well, they've got a new song ready for you to listen to – and buy – so, perhaps you should do that, and see for yourself. "Drakkar Noir" is available on Bandcamp for one tiny dollar.

Also, if you've missed one of those shit-ton of gigs, your next chance to catch the band will be Thursday, Jan. 20 at Will's, with Rabbit Rabbit.