This week's charts from WPRK [Jan 8-14]




From WPRK's website, here's a rundown of this week's nine most-played local artists (it's not 10, because one of 'em was an interview with the Legendary J.C.'s and that doesn't really count):

  1. Mumpsy
  2. Paul Johnson
  3. Yip Yip
  4. Dirty Gee
  5. Sincere Vega
  6. Benjamin Bear
  7. Cleveland Lounge
  8. Gargamel
  9. Joshua Nye

And here's their Top 10 "overall chart" for the past week, which, oddly, includes local artist Marc With A C, and he had more plays than Mumpsy ... whatever:

  1. Guided By Voices
  2. Maserati
  3. Robyn
  4. Voltaire Twins
  5. Marc With A C
  6. Sufjan Stevens
  7. Daft Punk
  8. Henry Mancini
  9. Stereolab
  10. Space Capone