New John Coltrane tracks unearthed




Forgive me while I go on a tangent for a moment. I usually try and keep this blog content hyperlocal and about people who are actually, you know, alive, but please allow me this indulgence.

Three new John Coltrane tracks were recently dug up, and for some folks (like me!) this is pretty big news. These aren't some lost Prestige-era jam sessions, either, but demos recorded for 'Trane's Impulse! debut, Africa/Brass (an album which, in my house at least, is far more important than Blue Train). The tracks include a take on “Laura,” as well as a straight-up demo of Africa/Brass's “The Damned Don’t Cry” and an alternate version of “Nakatini Serenade.”

Granted, these tracks just happened to turn up during the vault-digging expeditions being held for Impulse's upcoming box set, First Impulse: The Creed Taylor Collection, and granted, it just so happens that those three tracks are making their debut on that box set, but hey, I really don't care. In 2011, I'll take any and all new Coltrane I can get.