New music from Edgar Jr.




Homemade is the first CD from local acoustic musician Edgar Jr. You may have seen Edgar playing the standard coffeehouse gigs around town – Stardust, Natura, and the like – and you probably noticed that he's a little ... different from your typical earnest coffeehouse fare. (Like, sure, you've seen a dude play a Radiohead song, but have you seen one play "Creep" ... on a ukulele?) Homemade does a pretty good job of capturing his vibe, and the title is a pretty good descriptor: imagine if Jack Johnson had a pretty great singing voice, but was inspired by Sentridoh (or, maybe, the other way around), and you'd be getting close. It probably won't convert haters of mellow acousti-jams to the cause, but it's certainly indicative of a local artist worth paying attention to.

Homemade is available now as a download for $8 via Bandcamp, and he's also hand-making a (very) limited edition of 50 CDs; they're $12, and can be purchased on his Bandcamp page as well as at his shows (his next Orlando show is Feb. 9 at Tent City.)