State investigators at Lake Nona VA hospital site




WFTV is reporting on its website today that state investigators have descended on the construction site of the new Veterans Administration hospital that's being built as part of Lake Nona's Medical City.

According to the story, investigators from the state, in addition to customs and immigration officials, are looking into the employment practices of contractors working on the new $600 million hospital.

We can't help but wonder if they might also be looking into procurement practices of those contractors as well. As we reported in our Feb. 3 edition of Happytown, a former procurement manager for Quinco Electrical, a Winter Park company doing electrical work at the site, insists that the company has been using cheap foreign products from China, in violation of the Buy American Act, which requires contractors to use American-made products for all federal construction contracts.

Then again, if contractors at the hospital are suspected of using illegal foreign labor, a few foreign-made couplings and connectors are probably the least of the investigators' concerns.