UCF TV welcomes Ebert Presents At the Movies! TONIGHT!



Roger Ebert
  • Roger Ebert

Fellow cinephiles knew our pain as we watched Roger Ebert's post-Lyons revival of At the Movies get so warmly received virtually everywhere else in the country without getting to see for ourselves. Sure, it's been posted online, piecemeal, but until my DVR has the words "Ebert" in its clutches, something seemed, well, wrong.

That's soon to be fixed, TONIGHT ACTUALLY, thanks to the good folks at UCF TV (Bright House Channel 1). The new incarnation, hosted by Christy Lemire (the AP's film critic) and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (some Russian guy who's apparently pretty brilliant), premieres on UCF TV TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m and then 11.

Hopefully. UCF TV associate director Bill Dotson tells me they're sweating just a tad, since this is the first time the feed's beaming down. He says if you don't see it tonight, hang tight. They'll figure it out. But you totally will cause God Loves Ebert!