Burt Reynolds & Ben Mankiewicz & For Reels: A night of tender 'stache-stroking!




I'm proud to announce that the first-ever For Reels-sponsored event is not only happening, but is 100% certified badass.

On Wednesday, March 23, join us at the Tampa Theatre for a screening of Smokey and the Bandit! Oh yeah, Burt Reynolds will fucking be there. And Turner Classic Movies' Ben Mankiewicz.

Did I not tell you? Bad. Ass.

Tickets are FREE and are available online starting Monday. We'll keep you well-informed of how/when/where to snipe them. A lot of this is still being worked out – Mr. Reynolds is notoriously unpredictable and has adorably been so thus far in the planning – but I'm hoping to have some prizes and giveaways going on, and if any of you want to join me for a Dr. Pepper and a Diablo sandwich afterward, that would be also certified badass.

Stay tuned!!