Local pizzeria willing to shell out $20,000 to watch you suffer




OK, gluttons and stoners, imagine this for a second: a 30 inch, 12 pound, 13,000 calorie pizza, topped with meatballs, ground beef, pepperoni, bacon, grilled chicken, chorizo, flank steak, onions,bell peppers and garlic.  Sounds glorious, doesn't it?

But what if you and only one other person had to finish the whole thing -- within 30 minutes?

Pie-Fection, a pizzeria on 3120 S. Kirkman Road, is bringing that insane scenario to reality, and for your willingness to abuse, and perhaps destroy your gastrointestinal system (as well as jeopardizing your lifelong love for pizza), they're willing to shell out $20,000 to whichever team of two can finish the entire "Pie-Zilla" in a half hour. It may be impossible, but at least two groaning pizza-haters will be sharing $500, which will be awarded to the team that finishes the most pizza by weight.

So....you interested? According to Ryan Julison, Pie-Fection PR guru, the pizzeria is still seeking two more qualified pairs to enter the contest. Here are their entrance guidelines:

1. Friend the Pie-Fection Facebook Fan Page.

2. Email contactus@pie-fection.com and tell us, in 50 words or less, why your team should be selected as one of the five to participate in the Pie-Zilla Challenge.

3. Have as many friends and family as you can friend Pie-Fection's Facebook fan page,and voice their support for your team, because the teams with the most fan support will receive the first slots in the Pie-Zilla Challenge.

And, importantly: NO PROFESSIONAL EATERS ALLOWED. In this case, you are a professional eater if you've entered a pro eating contest before.