And speaking of roach coaches ... UPDATED




This tasty little nugget did NOT come from one of the many fine food trucks gracing Orlando's streets. It was served to our intrepid restaurant reviewer, Faiyaz Kara (well, to someone at his table). Be sure to pick up the print edition tomorrow to find out which local restaurant will give you extra protein, animal-style, no charge, and what a real restaurant reviewer does in this situation.

So — as we all know now, this lovely insect found its way into the seafood pasta, and then the mouth, of an unlucky diner at Rooster's Global Grille. Reviewer Faiyaz Kara kindly and accurately pointed out that hey, it could happen to anyone (I don't know about that) and that it's not fair to judge an entire restaurant staff or experience solely on one dish (true). None of which changes the fact that if I were the guy who had chewed that thing up, I would be eating nothing but Lysol-and-penicillin smoothies this month. And judging by some of the reviews Rooster's has received on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Google Places, this isn't the first bad night at Rooster's.

Below in the comments, the resilient dining partner notes the fallout of his inadvertent arthropahgy. And to the doubters: The blog CMS wouldn't let me post the picture any larger than above, but believe me, when you see the picture at full resolution, the legs make it unmistakable. I don't want to think about the hairball aspects ... a roach wrapped in a hairball? ... ah crap, too late.