Winter Park rescinds fees for off-leash dogs at Fleet Peeples Park




Since we've so faithfully covered this six-month long debate over whether one must pay to let a dog run leashless through a public park, we dutifully present what we hope to be the final chapter in the Fleet Peeples Park Saga.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that earlier this evening, the Winter Park City Commission voted 3-2 to rescind the fees it imposed on dog owners in October of last year for the privilege of letting their canines loose in the off-leash section of Fleet Peeples Park.

The reversal came amid a power shift in the City Commission: on March 8, pro-fee Commissioner Beth Dillaha stepped down from her seat and was replaced by anti-fee Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel (who ran against pro-fee Parks Board member Bonnie Jackson). Since anti-fee Commissioner Phil Anderson was replaced by another opponent of the fees, Steve Leary, the election resulted in a net gain for the pro-dog lobby, that is, the Friends of Fleet Peeples Park.