Utah names state gun, firearm-friendly Florida lagging behind




We almost missed this: Reuters reported two weeks ago that Utah became the first state to name an official firearm, the Browning model M1911, a gun manufactured in Ogden, Utah.

"It does capture a portion of Utah's history," Utah State Representative Carl Wimmer, a Republican who sponsored the bill, told Reuters.

"Even bigger than that, it captures a portion of American history," Wimmer said.

A cursory search through the bills before the Florida legislature yields nothing similar, though considering the sway that the NRA holds in the state and a willing audience of conservative legislators, this writer would not be surprised if Florida follows suit next year. (The question then is: which gun will it be?)

The subject of guns in Florida and Utah was touched upon in our Sept. 30, 2010 feature, “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later,” which examined concealed weapons licensing in Florida and the ugly consequences of “loopholes” in weapons law. Florida and Utah both issue weapons permits to non-residents and are the two most popular choices for someone seeking an out-of-state license, largely because of the relative ease of the process.

Though Utah issues many more out-of-state permits than Florida, its standards are also stricter – for instance, Utah performs background checks on its out-of-state permit holders every three months, while Florida performs them only at the time of application and subsequent renewal, which are seven years apart.