Selection Reminder: Blank Dogs tonight at Will's Pub!




Monday, April 18 - Blank Dogs, Jameses, Fever, Vein Cranes

A kind of Banksy figure for the arcane Brooklyn set, Mike Sniper, aka Blank Dogs, is both mysterious and prolific in a way that invites (practically begs, actually) a fanbase of what Patton Oswalt refers to as “otaku” – people obsessed with the minutiae of specific pop-culture items. Sniper releases 7-inches, EPs, comps, rarities and, yes, even albums (including last year’s excellent Land and Fixed on his own Captured Tracks label) at a pace akin to cash-hungry comic book imprints rushing out variants. But Sniper’s work is no cash grab: It’s minimalist post-punk run through a musical pencil sharpener, rough but honest, digitally emotional. Sniper has stated that Prince is a big influence and that comes through in his live performances. Contrary to his masked, semi-anonymous presence on record, Sniper is usually de-masked, connected and occasionally thrilling on stage. –Justin Strout (with Jameses, Fever, Vein Cranes; 8 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $8-$10; 407-898-5070;