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Monday, April 25Civil Twilight

You have to hand it to New York’s Wind-up Records: They know what people didn’t know they kind of wanted. Similar to the way Michael Bay bludgeons mass audiences over the head until they admit to somewhat enjoying dumb popcorn movies, Wind-up has an eerie sixth sense for populist drivel coated in just enough bubble gum to be somewhat enjoyable. It’s a backhanded compliment, sure, but look at how they served up vaguely Christian microwave meals Creed, Evanescence, Seether and Thriving Ivory. Their newest project, South African trio Civil Twilight, takes the Muse/Coldplay formula and infuses it with teen-soap darkness and soaring choruses ready-made to soundtrack a Smallville finale. And it works! Civil Twilight songs like “Human,” and their best one, the post-apocalyptic “Letters From the Sky,” have appeared everywhere from House to One Tree Hill to the recent teen-superpower flop I Am Number Four. Good on them? –Justin Strout (with A Silent Film; 7 p.m. at the Social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $10; 407-246-1419;