Selection Reminder: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun tonight at Will's Pub!



Photo by Terence Rushin
  • Photo by Terence Rushin

Saturday, April 30Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

Although this Atlanta fuzz-rock four-piece is still in the building stages of what promises to be a successful run at indie stardom, TTMTTS’ energetic live show and two interesting EPs have already set them up nicely as the next Ting Tings. Fronted by two ladies, Today the Moon balance foreboding sexiness with a head-nodding punk bent that’s as irresistibly danceable as it is thrashing and why-not sloppy. Their first full-length album, Wildfire, will be released in May and should bring them plenty more attention. –Justin Strout (with the Equines; 9 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $5; 407-898-5070;