Lazy Boyzzz Are Hard At Work




Contrary to their namesake, Lazy Boyzzz are busting their asses and sounding rad. They've come a long way since their first few live shows, complete with drummer Dick Jagger playing from the comfort of ... you guessed it... a La-Z-Boy recliner. Their sound is classic rip-roarin' 50's doo-wop punk in the vein of No Bunny or Jacuzzi Boys. Sharing vocal responsibilities, they've been refining their style and tightening up the loose ends. They even do the whole "Bop-a-ooo-mow-mow" thing. Their next show is May 28th at The Orlando Skate Park with Kid Taco, Wet Nurse, Odd Movers, & Snotty Kids. You can hear them here.