Selection Reminder: Face to Face tonight at House of Blues!




Friday, May 27Face to Face

1999’s Ignorance is Bliss aside, Face to Face’s bread and butter has always been, well, bread-and-butter ’90s skate punk. Pulp all those early Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph releases into one concoction and the result’s bound to sound like Trever Keith and company. This Californian band’s hooks are big and workmanlike, their record production never too polished but never too raw, and even their most provocative of lyrical images isn’t particularly provocative. Despite their relative unambitiousness, FTF have crafted a clutch of songs exemplifying skate punk in first-rate form. “Disconnected,” off of 1992’s Don’t Turn Away, takes a so-so line (“No, you don’t know what you will give up”) and turns it into a satisfying, juicy chorus by way of Keith’s ends-of-the-universe-touching shout and the track’s destitute-but-hopeful ebb and flow. With this month’s Laugh Now, Laugh Later, the first FTF record since 2002, the act gets another shot at tinkering with their template. – Reyan Ali (with Strung Out, Blitzkid, the Darlings; 7 p.m. at House of Blues, Downtown Disney West Side, Lake Buena Vista; $18.25-$21.25; 407-934-2583;