Selection Reminder: Title Fight tonight at Will's Pub!



Photo by Manny Mares
  • Photo by Manny Mares
Friday, May 27Title Fight

Punk fans, rejoice: All of you who never saw this Kingston, Pa., band coming, and some of you who did (or claim it), can have it out in front of the actual group tonight. Ever since Title Fight, a remarkably earnest, furiously pounding punk act, released their Side One Dummy debut, Shed, this year, it seems like punk fans everywhere have clamored to say they had some inkling that these 7-inch snots had it in them to deliver one of the year’s most anthemic, driving and passionate albums. No matter, throat-shredder Jamie Rhoden and crew have brought fellow Pennsylvanians the Menzingers along for their unpredictable ride, so they’re doing something right. – Justin Strout (with the Menzingers, Touché Amoré, Dead End Path; 7 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $10-$12; 407-898-5803;