Selection Reminder: Nerd-rock trio Primus tonight at Hard Rock Live!



Photo by Taylor Crothers
  • Photo by Taylor Crothers
Friday, June 3Primus

Oh, Primus. You’re still here. Honestly, there isn’t much distance anymore between a Primus diehard and a Weird Al Yankovic diehard, is there? Both camps tout Yankovic and Primus leader Les Claypool’s musical virtuoso bona fides – Yankovic is an accordion whiz, while Claypool is arguably one of the greatest bass players of all time – in the hope of lending gravitas to the otherwise dated and increasingly dismissible legacies of their heroes. Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Primus’ 1991 breakthrough album that featured “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” and “Tommy the Cat” (the latter of which an entire generation remembers best for being on the same year’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack, along with Slaughter and Winger), was the Dare to Be Stupid of its time, a Dr. Demento version of the era’s punk-funk craze. Like Weird Al, Primus incorporated food, cult horror and yes, even polka – a bat-signal beacon to a very specific kind of fan that, like the band’s comedic predecessor, has proven faithfully devoted. As Claypool and the others prep their first album in 12 years, the upcoming Green Naugahyde, expect those same fans to come running. More power to you, nerds. – Justin Strout (with the Dead Kenny G’s; 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live, CityWalk at Universal Orlando; $35-$60; 407-351-5483;