Join BEATdown's Matt Kamm for a special ed session tomorrow!




Not sure (can't print?) what a "very special special-ed 3rd grade play extravaganza" might entail but it's goin' down tomorrow night (Sunday) at Backbooth (9pm) hosted by BEATdown's own Matt Kamm and his band Telethon, along with Britt Daley, Elisa Victoria and DJ Craigjames! Admission is $5 but there are still free tix available at Park Ave CDs, WPRK and Stardust!

In addition to being my current crush object, Elisa Victoria is also a great singer-songwriter. Check her out below.

[youtube njTkFhSpeGE]

I should also mention that Telethon's been hard at work doing great things. (No bias, swear!) Their insane new single, "No Food Or Drink" is on some "dance-freak shit" and their new Mutually-Assured Destruction-era-inspired vid for "I Hear This Song Forever" has just been posted. Check it out!

[youtube v7jneEwIGjU]