Four more arrested at Lake Eola for feeding homeless




According to several reports, four members of the group Food not Bombs were arrested this morning at Lake Eola Park for violating the city’s “Large Group Feeding” ordinance by doling out free food to more than 25 people. (For more information on the ordinance and the group, click here and/or here.)

The Orlando Police Department has not yet confirmed the arrests.

The group has now seen seven members of their group arrested in the past five days—three were arrested on June 1, including the group’s de facto spokesperson, Ben Markeson. (For more details on those arrests, see the forthcoming edition of Happytown in our June 9 issue.) Despite the emerging pattern of punishment, Markeson tells the Weekly there will “absolutely” enough people to continue feeding the homeless at Lake Eola Park in violation of the ordinance: “We’ll be out there with food on Wednesday, for sure.”