MSNBC gives Feldman a light pat


Kudos to Brian Feldman, who managed to sneak a mention of Orlando onto MSNBC this morning that didn’t involve Casey Anthony.


The “Under the Wire” segment of Chris Jansing’s Jansing and Co. program made passing reference to 24 Hour Embrace, Feldman’s attempted day-long hug with his dad.

Now, the segment didn’t identify Feldman by name -- just as “this guy” as an image was flashed on the screen of him and his pop in mid-clinch. But hey, it’s something. And it’s always nice when we can remind the nation that two related Orlandoans laying hands on each other doesn’t automatically equal tragedy.

There was even time for some snarky musing over the possibility of bathroom breaks. (For the Feldmans, that is, not for the perpetually perky-to-the-point-of-leakage Jansing.)

Shortly thereafter, word reached MSNBC that the Anthony trial had entered a surprise recess, and all was once again noxiously wrong with the world.