Selection Reminder: Animal Collective tonight!



Thursday, July 7 – Animal Collective

Probably the third-coolest thing to ever come out of Baltimore, after The Wire and our Editor in Chief, there’s really no need to go into why you should be at this show tonight. If you haven’t heard of this ever-shifting group of cooler-than-you psych-rockers, well, you really have no business going. Unless you’re a partner at a high-powered Orlando firm or a local TV news anchor or a youngish, Wiener-sans-smartphone House of Reps type. Those people get tickets to these kinds of shows just thrown at them daily, ’cause they’re more powerful than you. They never go, though. They just go to Lady Gaga so their wives can pretend they’re dangerous for a night. What were we talking about? – Justin Strout (8 p.m. at the Beacham, 46 N. Orange Ave.; sold out; 407-246-1419;