Get Drunk With American Aquarium Tonight At Wills



American Aquarium
  • American Aquarium

Friday July, 7 - American Aquarium

Feelin' low? Whiskey-dick got you down? PERFECT! Tonight at Will's Pub, Raleigh, NC alt-country band American Aquarium is gonna help in all the ways only classic americana can. Their drunken slow-chug of organic instruments and slide guitar seem to wallow in the realness of love lost, alcoholism, and NASCAR... well, that last one's a stretch. But regardless, there's definitely something extremely southern about these gentlemen. If only Will's served Scotch, it'd be the perfect storm for a country singalong right on up there with Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places." Don't worry though, if that paycheck just didn't cut it this week, there's a free keg from 9-10pm.

(with Mike Dunn & The Kings Of New England, Black Finger, and John Ralston; $5; 9pm at Will's Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; 407-898-5803;