Selection Reminder: Hear Hums tonight at Stardust Video & Coffee!




Friday, July 15Hear Hums

We’ve heaped the loftiest praises our vocabulary can manage onto Gainesville experimental act Hear Hums, and through hot word of mouth, their gospel is spreading in Orlando. But lest you be dissuaded by their “experimental” tag, this isn’t just some bullshit hipster esoterica that seeks validation in being willfully obscure. Although there’s plenty for art theorists to chew on, you only have to possess basic human senses to be moved by their revelatory performances. For one thing, the duo of Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke is an equally visual and musical band that employs mesmerizing video to accompany their compositions live. But most critically, their colorfully evocative sound and charged percussive displays access the universal by tapping into the primordial. This is the kind of power that’s the holy grail of artistic expression. Isn’t it time you experienced it? – Bao Le-Huu (with Quiet Hooves, Dark Sea of Awareness, Acoqui; 9 p.m. at Stardust Video & Coffee, 1842 E. Winter Park Rd.; $5; 407-623-3393;