Guitar Exhibit at Orlando Science Center



Yeah... Even this guitar is there
  • Yeah... Even this guitar is there
Attention fellow long-hairs... yeah you. YOU! Guy that spends 8 hours a day playing "Stairway to Heaven" at  Sam Ash Music Center, flaunting your finger-tapping skills with the Marshall all the way up to 11 so every lesson-takin' pimple-faced kid can gawk in awe at the obsessive-compulsive, destructive lifestyle that is being a slave to the guitar. Ahh yes! The guitar... God's gift to dorks... the only way dudes like us get laid without a football jersey. Okay, so maybe this introduction has been totally vituperative and none of the above has pertained to you in the slightest. You might not even have hair or know what a guitar is. Doesn't matter. GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World, the current touring exhibit at The Orlando Science Center, will fill you in on everything you have missed since the cavemen started pluckin' their newborns' umbilical chords like an upright bass. Although not as interactive as most guitar aficionados would prefer, the history and memorabilia contained within the exhibit are a staggering display of almost every evolution of the guitar... and guess what kiddies, the exhibit has chosen our town as it's world premiere location. Pretty fancy, huh? Feel lucky. Besides having amazing shit like sitars and video guitars, the exhibit also claims to address environmental factors about how awesome it is that the construction of the instrument has moved away from using wood. BORING! Even if it took a million acres of Amazonian rain forest and a human sacrifice to move the 1915 Gibson Harp Guitar back into production, it would be worth it.
(General Admission $17; runs until Sept. 11; Orlando Science Center; 777 E. Princeton St; 407-514-2000;