Selection Reminder: Yob tonight at Will's Pub!



Friday, July 22Yob

Sludge metal may not be, by definition, uplifting, but the buzz around this killer bill might just do the trick. Oregonian headliners Yob have the headbanging world on edge in anticipation of their August album, Atma, and the band only made the suspense more unbearable with the sneak preview song “Prepare the Ground,” a beefy melt of down-tuned glory. They’re joined tonight by Florida doom merchants Dark Castle who are still converting nonbelievers with their acclaimed sophomore effort from May. Finally, Jacksonville’s Hollow Leg ride back into town on a wave of adulation after their crushing, much talked-about June showcase at Will’s, in which their newly added bassist and singer – both recruited from Junior Bruce – were rapturously welcomed by a bowled-over local crowd. Those aren’t just three good reasons to go out tonight; they’re a call to arms. – Justin Strout (with Dark Castle, Hollow Leg, Fire in the Cave; 8:30 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $10; 407-898-5803;