Local Filmmaker Gets Lost... Then Found



"Hit me, Chief! I've got the moves!"
  • "Hit me, Chief! I've got the moves!"
Space-coast film maker and local music archivist, Josh Rogers of Broken Machine Films, announces mash-up DVD for electronic experimenters The Lost & Found Sound. Having existed as an integral part of Orlando's music scene, Rogers has filmed live videos and recorded audio for local acts for at least 8 years. If you happen to be lucky enough to peruse his personal collection you will find the likes of well... just about everyone who has taken the stage in our town doing anything worth a damn. His latest effort, The Lost & Found Sound DVD is chock-full of delicious nuggets of classic cinema and creepy, warbly visual effects that provide a kind of elementary school-like nostalgia for those shaky projector films of yesteryear. Suited primely with the electronic ambience of The Lost & Found Sound, a group that lays down thick yet minimal synth textures, the DVD is a handbook for the ultimate video collage. You can pick up a copy at Park Ave CDs, The Lost & Found Sound's bandcamp page, or Brokenmachinefilms.com.

[youtube myJDXHIk3Xs]